General Feature List

  • Factory / Supplier database maintenance –
    • As comprehensive or as simple as you want it to be.
    • Export and Import from Excel spreadsheet
  • Customer Portal – for self-service job booking and report viewing.
    • Personalized Welcome messages and branding
    • Custom Reports
    • Useful Document Download
    • Audit, Inspection and Product historial records
    • Dashboard
  • Task management

    Task Management

  • Document management

    Document Management

  • Access Logging – tracking of user interactions

    Access Logging

  • Custom Report Generator

    Custom Report Generator

  • Notice boards
    • For sharing of information with internal staffs and/or customers
  • Interfacing Data Analytic Software. Apart from standard reports, we can develop reports that are specific to your requirements. For data warehousing and data analysis with external OLAP software, we can provide support by exporting de-normalized data cube ready for these in ETL (Extract, Transform, Load).
  • Integration with External Systems. Our system provides a REST (Representational state transfer) based web service interface, using either XML or JSON for integrations with other systems.